Welcome to Mermaid Land

Hey! It appears that you have found the blog to a real life mermaid or so I wish. I am known on the internet by many names so you can just call me Emmie. I am nineteen years old going on twenty in June. I have been cosplaying since I was about fifteen though I started cosplaying full time when I was sixteen. It is a hobby I greatly enjoy so you’ll be seeing a lot of cosplay photos, tips, and tricks to survive in the community. I’m also a giant reader so prepare for the flood of posts on book related things. This blog is an outlet for me to talk about the things that well make me happy. I don’t expect too much from the blog, but who knows it might turn out to be something amazing. I hope you enjoy your stay and find something worthwhile during your time exploring.

~ Emmie (aka the mermaid behind the blog)


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