Motivational Monday : Why Do I Cosplay?


Why do I cosplay? Yes the girl running this blog is a cosplayer. Does that mean I’m some creeper on the internet? No. I’m a normal person just like everyone else except I share my love for things in a different way. I have been cosplaying for a little over four years now which is kind of a big deal. I have been to plenty of conventions on the eastern side of the United States, I have met all kinds of people, and I have had the most fun being  characters from my favorite series.

Cosplaying has helped me figure out who I am.  Four years ago when I first started I was in a really tough spot. I had just started homeschool after a terrible first year of high school. I didn’t have too many friends. I was honestly a bit miserable. One of my friends was like “come to this convention since you like anime” which in case you are wondering was Kami-con in Birmingham, AL. I got this really cheaply made costume off a cosplay site that I found through google. I went to this con and honestly had the time of my life. I wanted to keep cosplaying.

There is something magical about attending a convention. You never know who you’ll run into. I met a lot of my friends through the cosplay community. I have friends that run conventions, friends that do cosplay photography, and friends who enter every cosplay costume they can get their hands on. The community is so diverse in the different avenues you can take. I honestly just like cosplaying my favorite characters.

If you are worried about cosplaying I think you should just dive right in. Don’t worry about whether or not your costume sucks. Everyone starts off as a newbie. Nothing is ever going to be perfect.

Cosplay Page: Strawburry Cosplay | Photographer: Euphoria Cosplay Studios


One thought on “Motivational Monday : Why Do I Cosplay?

  1. I’ve never heard of Cosplaying, I’m a bit older than you and have a son your age. That is fabulous that it has helped you find yourself. Keep doing what makes you happy. 🙂


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