Spring Tunes Readathon


Hello! I’m hosing another readathon after how big of a response my christmas related one got. I’m going to be on spring break from April 14th – April 21st so I thought I would host a readathon around that time. I really want to spread the spring time cheer with the rest of the book community here on tumblr. The challenges I picked are a way for us to meet new people, try new things, and just have fun. I’m posting it over here on my blog as well because this is where majority of my book reviews will be.

  • First Challenge – Read a new release (2017)
  • Second Challenge – Find someone in the book community and ask them for a book recommendation. *You can do this over anon if you don’t want to be social*
  • Third Challenge – Read a diverse book
  • Fourth Challenge – Read a book from a genre you hardly touch
  • Fifth Challenge – Write a review for one of the books you read during the readathon
  • Sixth Challenge – Try to read at least 3 books

The challenges aren’t too hard this time around. I am trying to get people to read new things, experience more diversity, and make new friends. The hashtag for this readathon is #streadathon


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