Review #5 : Some Kind of Happiness by Claire Legrand

Whoa what can I say about t13260524his book? Some Kind of Happiness is a middle grade book that focuses on a girl named Finley who suffers from anxiety and depression. The only problem is the fact that she doesn’t know she’s suffering from it. She keeps it bottled up because she thinks someone might think she’s not “right”. She gets shipped off to her grandparent’s house for the summer while her parents figure out whether or not they will stay together. I feel like this story does a really good job at capturing what it’s like to have depression and anxiety at a young age.

I was one of those kids that passed off my panic attacks off as nothing and didn’t really acknowledge my depression. I wasn’t sure what it was and it made me feel weird. Finley is a young girl who has no idea what is going on. Everything in her world is turning upside down and her only escape is the fictional world she wrote about. This story was magical in so many ways. I wanted to visit this fictional little world that Finley wrote about because it felt so magical. I felt like I was right there with the rest of the kids in the story.

Do I recommend this book? Yes I think everyone should give this book a chance. It’s magical and wonderful. It takes you into a world that is not often explored by many authors especially in that genre.

“I start to worry that I should be saying something. Most of the time I think I could be perfectly content without saying a single word, but no one else seems to function that way. There is so much talking in the world, and so much expectation to talk, even if you do not feel like talking. I find it overwhelming.”

Rating: 4/5 stars | Read April 18th – April 20th

Additional Information

Goodreads Link

Pages: 374

Genre: Middle Grade



• Her parents, who are having problems. (But they pretend like they’re not.)
• Being sent to her grandparents’ house for the summer.
• Never having met said grandparents.
• Her blue days—when life feels overwhelming, and it’s hard to keep her head up. (This happens a lot.)

Finley’s only retreat is the Everwood, a forest kingdom that exists in the pages of her notebook. Until she discovers the endless woods behind her grandparents’ house and realizes the Everwood is real–and holds more mysteries than she’d ever imagined, including a family of pirates that she isn’t allowed to talk to, trees covered in ash, and a strange old wizard living in a house made of bones.

With the help of her cousins, Finley sets out on a mission to save the dying Everwood and uncover its secrets. But as the mysteries pile up and the frightening sadness inside her grows, Finley realizes that if she wants to save the Everwood, she’ll first have to save herself.

Reality and fantasy collide in this powerful, heartfelt novel about family, depression, and the power of imagination.


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