May 2017 TBR

May is the start of many things in my life. I’m out of college for the summer which means three glorious months of reading, painting, and sun bathing. I will also be moving down to Florida for the summer which means I’ll be bumming off the library quite a week. That means my TBR for the month of May  could change though I’m pretty certain I will read quite a few of these books.

BeFunky Collage

  • The Radium Girls by Kate Moore – Wow okay so I got this book off netgalley for review. I saw Non-Fiction plus America’s Shining Women for the description so that basically sold me. What I can understand from the synopsis on Goodreads is that the story focuses around the women who worked at radium-dial factories during World War I. It deals with the fact that these women were told that radium was perfectly safe but they all “mysteriously” fell ill. I’m really excited to dive into this book simply because I feel like it’ll give me more of an insight on what happened. This comes out May 2nd so be sure to pick it up if you are interested.
  • Breakwater by Catherine Jones Payne – This is yet another book I got off of Netgalley for review. All I really know about it is the fact the main character is a mermaid. We all know that I really love mermaids so this book immediately got added to my list. I think it deals with some drama between the different races and how the main character learns to deal with it? I’m not entirely sure because I want to go into this book with little to no information on it. This will come out May 30th so if you are interested be sure to pick it up.
  • Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson – This has been on my shelf for ages so I think it’s time that I finally pick it back up again. All I know about this book is the magic system deals with different types of metals. I am hoping I love this book just as much as other people do.

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