Summer Bucket List

It’s summer time for me which means it is time to post my summer bucket list. I was inspired by my friend who is going backpacking for the summer. I really want to make a list of my summer plans. This list consists of some of my personal goals as well as some plans I want to do throughout the summer.

  • Summer Sketchbook – This is a personal goal I had set with one of my friends. We bought new sketchbook and we are going to use the summer to fill it up. I really want to just see how my skills progress over the summer.
  • 15 Book Goal – I want to read at least fifteen books this summer whether it’s graphic novels or full length novels. I finally have the time to read so I want to take advantage of it while I can.
  • Camping – I have never been camping before so I would love to try it out. A few of my super close friends want to go camping together over the summer so that is definitely a possibility. I also want to go camping somewhere in Florida with my mom as well.
  • Picnic – This is a little goal I made with my mom. We want to find a state park near us to go have a picnic. We never spend enough time with each other so we figured we would try to have picnics when we can this summer.
  • Friends – I really want to spend more time with my friends. I feel like I have been disconnecting myself from my friends over the past few months. I have plans to spend the day with one of my friends on Wednesday so stay tuned for a day in my life post coming your way.

I want whoever is reading this to make their summer bucket list and tag me in it. I want to know what you have planned for the summer.


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