Motivational Monday : Sunnii.Day

BeFunky Collage.jpg

It is my honor to introduce to you one of my best friends. She has been creating art long before I met her a little over three years ago. She has motivated me to pick up art again. I asked her about a week a go if she would let me interview her for my motivational monday segment on my blog. She agreed to it so here is the interview with the ever illusive Sunnii.Art!

*Disclaimer: I took the photos from her facebook page to showcase some of the amazing work she does

Who Is She?

🐣 Name: Nova Dawn
🐣 Age: forever 12 // JK 24
🐣 I draw and stuff. (trust me she’s pretty dang good)

The Questions

  • How long have you been creating art?
  • 🐣 Way too long.
  • Why do you make art for a living? (Yes she is an artist for her life career so you should definitely check out her work if you ever get the chance)
  • 🐣 Because it’s something I enjoy.
  • Your favorite medium of art?
  • 🐣 I love drawing digitally the most, but when it comes to what I love seeing the most, that would probably be watercolor.
  • Any tips for people who are beginners to the massive world called art?
  • 🐣 Don’t limit yourself to just one thing. Don’t be afraid to experiment and step out of your comfort zone.

I bet you are curious as to where you can find her art so she has generously given us the information to several of her different platforms that she uses.


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