What’s New Wednesdays

This will be a new segment on my blog that I might do once or twice a month. It’s basically a segment where I focus on something new that I have discovered recently and have either enjoyed or hated enough to talk about it.

BeFunky Collage.jpg

I want to talk to you about zines. You might be asking yourself what the heck are Zines, Emmie? Well that is what I’m here to talk to you about. It’s basically a very short self published piece of work. It can range from just poems to artwork to short stories depending on who you are buying from.

The two that I have had the honor of reading were both curated by Ariel Bissett who is a popular youtuber. She made a whole video on zines about six months ago. It was through her that I realized that it sounded cool. I just never got around to actually looking for any to read online. Zines are those things that are a bit of a hidden gem. You are lucky if you can find them in person. I was ecstatic when I realized Ariel made hers available to purchase in PDF form. I devoured these short little zines in ten minutes, and I just every minute of it.

Puffin Food – This zine focuses on the fear of failure in art which I can relate to. I can’t say that I’m an artist, but I do enjoy making art. I just don’t feel too comfortable showing anyone because I know I’m not at that level. This zine has photography, comics, poems, short stories, and little drawings sprinkled throughout the ten pages. Ariel made this little project with a few other people showcasing their work in this lovely little piece. I highly recommend giving this one a shot.

NonSpon – This zine focuses on why people can’t just genuinely love things without saying  “This isn’t sponsored”. You will noticed throughout the zine that it is mostly little paintings Ariel did of her favorite items. I really enjoyed this one because the artwork was cute. The message behind the paintings spoke volumes to me because we live in a society now where everyone is shouting out that they weren’t sponsored.

I am hoping to dive more into the world of zines. It’s a nice little break from reading full length novels. Have you read any? Do you have any you would recommend?


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