Comic Book Haul #1


Boy am I excited to talk to you about some of my recent finds! I have been without wifi since Sunday so it’s nice to be able to talk to everyone again. I am officially down in Florida for the summer so expect more content soon. I am here today to show you what I found at a local comic book store I discovered.

You may not know this but Batwoman is one of my favorite female super heroes to date for several reasons. She is bad ass, she is a lesbian, and did I mention her costume design is awesome? I saw that there was a new Batwoman series out due to the DC Rebirth thing going on. I picked up issues 1 & 2 and devoured them. I really enjoyed it simply because it still feels like Kate Kane and Batwoman to me. The flash back scenes were a little hard to follow so a heads up on that.

The next one I have is Hawkeye which I also really enjoyed. If you want a funny yet kick ass lead character then this one is for you. I know Kate Bishop simply because I read Young Avengers (which I also recommend).  The next series I picked up was The Lumberjanes / Gotham Academy cross over series. This series so far is honestly hilarious. I enjoy both of them on their own so reading them on the same pages has been a real hoot. The last comic I picked up is the only one I haven’t read because it’s Batgirl #5 from the rebirth series DC has. I have been wanting to get into Batgirl and it was only a dollar so I kind of bought it on a whim.

Have you read any of this? Do you have any comic recommendations for me?


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