The Happiness Tag


I was tagged by Nadwa @painfullyfictional to do this wonderful tag so be sure to check her blog out!


  • Music – I know the second half of this deals with your five favorite songs, but music in general just makes me so happy. My parents raised me listening to music. There has always been something warm and inviting about music. I could honestly spend hours just sitting in my room listening to old records.
  • Rain – I have to admit that I am the crazy person who would run around in the rain. My hair might melt because it’s teal, but that is okay. I love sitting inside where I can easily hear the rain hit up against the window. It’s very calming and a good time to crack open a book.
  • The Smell of Books – I love the smell of a new book. The fresh new pages that haven’t yet been touched or stored away for years at a time. I just can’t really describe the smell of a new book. There is something magical about it
  • My Dog – My parents got me a little pug for christmas this year. This nugget of a dog has been my life and joy since I got him. He makes me so happy. I love his goofy self.
  • Art – I love creating and looking at art. I have always had a small fascination with art museums. My parents both did art so I think it rubbed off on me. I just get so much joy from it.


I really love music so I apologize for seven songs instead of five! I don’t plan on tagging anyone this time around. What are your five things that make you happy?

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