Comic Book Haul #2

I’m back at it again with another comic book haul. My dad came down for the weekend to celebrate our birthdays early since we won’t be together for either one. My birthday is on June 6th and his birthday is on June 29th. I wanted to take my dad to this comic book store I discovered on my first week in Florida. It was really fun being able to share my love for comics with my dad. I also had to pick some up because you can’t go to a comic book store and not pick anything up.



So I went digging around in the back issues since they were like a dollar off because of a sale they were having. I managed to find Batgirl : Rebirth issue 2 and 3. They sadly did not have issue 1, but I am hoping to find it at the other location near where I’ll be attending college in the next year or so.

It didn’t take me long to go over to the “current” shelf which had Batwoman : Rebirth Issue 3. You might recongize the name because I got issue 1 and 2 last time. This issue just came out recently so I’m very excited. Generation X issue 1 is also another series that recently came out this month. It’s basically a new generation of X-Men. I already found someone I want to cosplay from it. The last issue in this photo is Jessica Jones issue 2 which I’m excited about. I’m hoping to find issue 1 at the other location or online.


Okay wow this might be favorite part of the whole haul. I found SIX 90’s copies of The X Files comics for a dollar a piece. I basically paid 6 bucks for all of them. I managed to find issue 2, 3, 4, 5, 11, & 16. I’m not really all that upset that I didn’t find issue 1 or 6-10 simply because it’s a gem to even find the ones I did. The people at the comic book were so helpful and helped me look through boxes and boxes of comics.

I hit the motherload this week with comics, and I got to spend time with my dad who was equally as excited as I was about The X Files comics. Is there any series you recognize from this haul? Do you need recommendations? I love comics and I know I’m always looking for more to check out.


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