Update : Airports & Drama

Hello, I bet you are wondering where my Wednesday post is so here I am. It is currently 12:23 am on Wednesday as I am writing this. I am here to share my horror story of a day with you. I am supposed to be in Utah right now with my dad. We arrive at the airport only to find out they tried to upgrade us and we lost our seats. It took them a hour to book us seats on our connecting flight. We were lucky because our flight out of our hometown airport was delayed.

We finally got seats on our connecting flight and we had the upgrade to get first class seats. We were all excited about finally getting to move on with our day. We make it to our gate and things are going great. It was about fifteen minutes after the plane arrived at the gate we were waiting at that we find out it’s broken. It took them well over a hour to fix the plane which was a problem because we had no idea if we would make our connecting flight.

We landed with about 10 minutes to spare. We grabbed our carry on suitcases and ran to the rail/tram thing. We had to make it concourse A which is a problem when the airport is HUGE. Well we made it, but they had already closed the gate. The lady at the desk was really rude to us which was a bit of a bummer after our rollercoaster of a day. We have seats on a flight for tomorrow (12 hours from now that I’m writing this and probably 4 hours from when this is posted) so hopefully we make it to Utah in one piece.

Overall, life is an adventure. I’m glad that my dad and I get to experience this together. I should have regular posts again starting Thursday! If you want to have live updates on my situation please follow my twitter.


2 thoughts on “Update : Airports & Drama

  1. That sucks. I’m sorry your trip is so hectic. When I was coming back from my last residency my flight was delayed by 15 hours AND we were coming back into the US. Not a fun time. We missed our connecting flight and they lost my friend’s luggage. But they did put us up in a hotel. I wish they’d upgraded our seats too.

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