Salt Lake City Adventures : Day 1

BeFunky Collage53654.jpg

This pictures honestly don’t do the Salt Lake City Library justice so I’m going to link a photo I found on the internet so you can get a better view of how gorgeous this library is. I finally arrived in Salt Lake City, Utah today after a roller coaster with the airport the other day. I’m grateful to be in this beautiful town. I have only been here half a day and I’m in love.

This is the Salt Like City Library which is a gorgeous five level library that has everything you can think of. Each floor has a set genre to it so for example the main floor was magazines, audiobooks, and the like, the second floor was young adult, and so on. I walked every single floor because I wanted to get a feel for this place. It’s huge with glass ceilings, beautiful staircases, and  open space. The top level takes you out onto the roof top garden which is never ending. I got amazing photos of the view from the top. I honestly stood there for a few minutes to take it all in. I fell in love with a city in a few hours all because I could see the whole city from the top of a giant library.

BeFunky Collage.jpg

I was obviously very happy in that selfie. I was like I need to get the mountains in the back ground of this selfie. I can’t express how wonderful it was to see such a beautiful city from such a beautiful building. I even went to the gift shop (yes the library has a gift shop) and picked up that beautiful post card. I managed to find the artist online so if you guys really liked that post card he makes prints! I honestly might go get some more before I leave so I can frame the because they are just so pretty.

Overall, I really enjoyed my first day in Utah. I plan to visit this really cool book shop today before I head downtown for dinner. I’m taking a chill day today because I have a feeling Friday and Saturday will be crazy.


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