Microreview : Round Six – TBR

If you want to know more about the universe of microreviews please check out their page over @microreviews & I was also tagged by the lovely @nightmare-in-the-stacks

Pick a book that you own but haven’t read yet: Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

– How did you come by it? Given by a friend? Bought from a recommendation? Compelled by the cover?: Alright, I had heard buzz around the booktube world about Mistborn. I was mostly intrigued by the magic system displayed in the books. I bought it with the intentions of having a month long buddy read for the book. The buddy read flopped after the first week so the book has been on my shelf since.

– Quote the first sentence(s): “Sometimes, I worry that I’m not the hero everyone thinks I am. The philosophers assure me that this time, that the signs have been met.”

– Realistically, will you ever read it?: Yes, I plan to start it again over the summer since I know I enjoyed it the first time I tried to read it.

I hope you guys enjoyed my little insight on Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. Have you read this book? Should I pick it up soon?


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