Graphic Novel Review : DC Bombshells Volume 1 & 2

BeFunky Collage.jpgWhoa look at this! I’m back from the dead. I am here to do a joint review for DC Comics Bombshells series. You might know this about me but Bombshell Batwoman is my life. I wore that costume to three cons in a row in 2016. There’s no point in hiding my obsession with my bat babe.

I started this series when it FIRST launched. I have some of the variant covers for the bombshells before they decided to make a whole series from it. I was beyond excited for it to become a series. Overall, I was beyond stoked. The single issues are lovely especially because the covers are so detailed yet amazing. The art style is beautiful. I really don’t have too many complaints.

The volumes consist of up to 6? issues per volume. It really depends on what arc each volume focuses on. There is currently four volumes out though I have only read the first two. I think the story line makes sense though I would be cautious of it simply because it kind of goes back and forth with the different characters until they meet up. That was a bit confusing simply because it was a sudden jump to a different part of the world.

Overall, I would recommend this series to anyone who is a big advocate for more women being represented in comic books. You can check out the links for volume one and volume two here.

**Bonus content for the weekend because starting Monday I plan to get back on a schedule with posting**


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