My *Possible* Fall TBR List

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I say possible because my tbr is always changing because I acquire new books. These are the books that I am most excited about reading. I want to know what you guys are reading for the fall season.

13638125I’m currently reading a lovely book called Vicious by V.E. Schwab which was a gift from one of my good friends. This book really sets the mood for fall books for me. I have no idea why. It’s quite dramatic in the best ways. I’m enjoying the multiple POVs through different parts of time versus different characters. It basically deals with villains which is honestly all I need in life. I also found out that there will be a second book. That has me more hyped to finish it because I want to know how it ends. I definitely recommend this book if you haven’t read it already.


The next book I am going to talk about is This Monstrous Thing by Mackenzi Lee. The author might sound familiar because she wrote The Gentlemen’s Guide to Vice and Virtue. I was browsing Barnes & Noble when I spotted this book. The synopsis alone has me hooked on it. It’s a very creative spin of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. It’s very steampunk-y which is enough for me to want to buy it. I’m a sucker for anything steampunk related. This will my first book by this author which I’m excited about. I am definitely holding back on this book because it seems like a perfect halloween/october read in my opinion.

29736099This is another one of those halloween/october reads because like have you seen the cover? I have been a fan of Madeleine Roux’s work for a while. I really enjoyed the Asylum series because the pictures with the story line kind of spooked me. I have never been a fan of asylums so that is partially why I really enjoyed that series. I believe her new series focuses on a boarding house that kills bad people. I’m not entirely sure what the synopsis is because I try to avoid them? I want to be surprised when I read books. I just know that this is one of those books that will keep me up at night. I would definitely check out her books if you haven’t already.

Those are the top three books that I want to try and read for the fall season. What books are you planning on reading? Have you read any of these?



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