Taproot by Keezy Young Review



I’m here to talk to you guys about a really adorable yet fluffy graphic novel. I feel like this  book needs more attention. Taproot is about a gardener and a ghost. Spoiler Alert: The gardener is actually a necromancer which is why he is able to see ghosts. The ghost on the other hand was just a normal person that got in a sticky situation. He slowly over time fell in love with the gardener. The problem is the fact that he is a ghost and the gardener is human. This graphic novel had some of the cutest art I have seen in a while. The colors are muted yet compliment each other so well.

My main complaint about this graphic novel which is why it got bumped down a star is the obvious plot hole towards the middle/end of the novel. It moved far too quickly. The next time we know it’s over so we are literally sitting there like what just happened. The little extra few pages at the end helped me forgive the author for the weird plot hole. The LGBT rep in this graphic novel seems harmless which is why I enjoyed it so much. They truly do love each other. It was so nice to see them so happy at the end.

Overall, if you want a cute graphic novel then I definitely recommend this. I wouldn’t say it’s the greatest graphic novel in the world, but it’s rather sweet. The art is gorgeous to look at. The characters are cute.

Rating: 4/5 Stars | Read: September 25th

Additional Information

Goodreads Link

Pages: 127 pages

Genre: Graphic Novels + LGBT


Blue is having a hard time moving on. He’s in love with his best friend. He’s also dead. Luckily, Hamal can see ghosts, leaving Blue free to haunt him to his heart’s content. But something eerie is happening in town, leaving the local afterlife unsettled, and when Blue realizes Hamal’s strange ability may be putting him in danger, Blue has to find a way to protect him, even if it means… leaving him.


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