Book of the Month : November

img_0270 Okay so I am very excited because I finally received my BOTM box. My good friend Heather @ Bookandwords recommended the book subscription service to me…back in April? May? and she still enjoys the service. I decided to finally give the book subscription a shot this month because I liked the options.

I decided to go with Bonfire by Krysten Ritter since it has been on my wishlist for ages. I got really excited when I heard that the queen herself was going to write a book. This book is everything I would expect from a woman like Krysten. It has suspense, drama, and intrigue. I hope to get to this book soon so a review will be up within the next week or two. I am buddy reading it with a friend of mine so I would like to finish it by the weekend.

Overall, I am really pleased with Book of the Month club. Their packaging was super cute, the book was wrapped up nicely, and it shipped pretty quickly. If you are interested in joining I have a referral code of sorts that you can use!  Did you guys get anything from BOTM club this month or in the past? Did you enjoy the books?


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