Beat The Backlist 2018

I told you guys I was coming back to the blogging universe after the first of the year. I’m starting it off with a short but sweet blog post. I am planning on taking part in the beat the backlist challenge for this year. I was split between Popsugar’s reading challenge and this one for a bit. I noticed that all of my friends were doing this one so I figured I would hop on the bandwagon. You can find out more information about what Beat the Backlist is here because they explain it way better than I can.

My Goals
  • I want to read at least 15 books off of my physical TBR pile since most of my TBR pile consists of books released in 2017 and back.
  • Post reviews for each book that I read throughout the year
  • Have fun reading a different variety of books!

Are you guys taking part in Beat the Backlist? What are your reading goals or tbr for the challenge?


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