Reading Slumps

Hey guys,

I haven’t written an actual blog post in ages for this blog! You know not even remember me. I will go ahead and introduce myself to be safe. My name is Emmie and I run Tea With Mermaids. I am here to talk about reading slumps because for the past few months since the new year I have been in one.

Reading slumps really suck because they make the most appealing books the least appealing whenever you aren’t in the mood. I have picked up plenty of books over the past few months. Nothing has really stuck for me which is really trying to bring me down. I am hoping reading some Nancy Drew will kick me out of this slump. Here are some of my tips for how to get out of reading slumps

  • Read a book from your favorite series whether it’s a reread or not! This is what I am currently doing with Nancy Drew! I am reading a book from a new series in hopes that will cure me.
  • Read shorter books like poetry, short stories, graphic novels, and etc.
  • Ask for recommendations from your friends or the internet! You never know their book recommendation might end up kicking you out of the slump.
  • Listen to audio books!

It’s okay if you are in a reading slump! Don’t let other people make you feel bad because you haven’t picked up a book in nearly three months or a year. It happens to all of us! Do you guys have any book recommendations for reading slumps?


5 thoughts on “Reading Slumps

  1. Ohh I love your icons !! (are they new ? ..)
    I was in a slump for MONTHS aswell, picked up a reread of my longest of time favorite book and I am back on track !! rocking two books at the same time (wasn’t on purpose but hey..) very slowly, but atleast i’m reading, eh ?

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