Support for Earth Day

Okay you guys should know by now that I’m a huge advocate for going green, supporting companies that donate back to worthy causes, and the whole nine yards. I mean I’m going into Environmental Science for crying out loud. Earth Day is quickly approaching on the 22nd of April. I kind of just want to shout out a few brands as well as some tips for things you can do on Earth Day.

Sand Cloud

I’m like 89% sure I talk about these guys a lot all over social media. Sand Cloud is basically a company that makes towels, t-shirts, water bottles, and etc. They donate 10% of the proceeds to marine life conservations. This company hit close to home for me so I have been a brand ambassador for them over the past year. They are slowly starting to produce more t-shirts that are made out of 100% recyclable material which is the bomb dot com. If you want to get 15% off your next order with them you can use this link to be referred to the website!


Okay there is a huge problem with our landfills. The one way we can solve this problem is if we convert over to reusable coffee cups, water bottles, straws, and etc. This brand is amazing for that. They have a whole section on their impact, why you should reuse, the facts, and some resources if you are doubtful. I highly recommend checking them out if you are on the market for anything reusable. You can find them here if you are interested!

Some Ideas & Tips
  • Do a beach clean up for earth day! Some beaches are already planning it so just check your area to see if they are for earth day. You can even just grab a group of friends and do it yourself.
  • Plant something! Okay this one is probably one of my favorites but plant a tree or a new plant. There is plenty of plants that are easy to take care of if you prone to killing them.
  • Speak Out! Talk about why earth day is important and what we need to be doing to preserve our earth!
  • Make The Effort! I can’t stress this enough because it seems as though no one really listens to me. You need to make an effort if you expect to see a change. I do what I can to help better the earth so I hope you can do as well.

Those are just some of my favorite things that I wanted to share with you guys! Do you know what you are doing for earth day? Leave me a comment so we can chat about it! Have a good day 🌎


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