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You guys are probably really tired of hearing me talk about Earth Day, but I can not stress the importance of it. I was recently watching a video about these two girls that decided to go zero waste for a week. It inspired me to sort of make a part two for my previous post. I promise the book content is coming back shortly after finals are over!

We can take little steps to help reduce our waste. You don’t need to live a zero waste lifestyle to make a change. I am going to list some ways you can make the change in your life.

  • Reusable Water Bottle – This alone cuts back on so much plastic. So many companies make reusable water bottles. You can get a filter for your tap that filters out all the bad chemicals. I personally have a reusable Brita water pitcher and I have multiple reusable water bottles. I recommend camelbak, hydro flask, and sand cloud
  • Reusable Coffee Cups – I see you guys out there getting your six dollar starbucks coffee. I am in the same boat as you. Did you know you can get your coffee in a reusable cup? I don’t know if Starbucks still does this but they will give you a small discount if you use your own cup. There’s plenty of places to buy coffee cups though I definitely recommend society six and amazon for cute ones.
  • Reusable Produce Bags – Yes they actually make reusable produce bags which are a god send! You are bringing less of that cheap flimsy plastic bags home that you never use again. I can not preach it enough that these are amazing investments. I know Whole Foods currently sells some though if you are an online shopper like me I recommend flip & tumble because you get 5 decently sized bags for 12 bucks.

Okay that is all I have to share with you guys today! I provided direct links to everything I mentioned so please check them out! I really want to hear your input on all of this. I’m beyond curious! I hope you all have a good day and don’t be afraid to chat with me!


3 thoughts on “Go Green

  1. I’m not great at going green, but I will admit to liking the reusable shopping bags. Once I get an income I’ll try using/buying less plastic as well, such as for tupperware and my water bottle. I know glass is the way to go, so when I can I’ll start replacing things 🙂

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