life update: where I’ve been and the future

I am sure you are wondering where I have been the past few months. I transferred to a new university which took a bit of getting used to due to living on campus and different class set ups. I have been wanting to come back to the book blogging community for a while now. You are all so lovely and make me feel at home. I guess that brings me to the future portion of this blog post.  My goal is to not write a novel so I need to stop rambling.

  • I plan to start off slow with about two posts a week starting next Tuesday. I will be on winter break by Thursday so I should be reading more along with more time to write blog posts.
  • I currently have a small server to sort of spill my thoughts about things so if you are interested the link is here.
  • My goodreads currently reading as been cleared to give myself a fresh start for the rest of 2018 and going into 2019.

I hope that you are all are ready for the journey with me. It’s going to take a bit to find the right rhythm and adjust to being back! Tell me about things that have been going on in your life or some of your current reads!


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