Kdrama Review : Color Rush

I want to diversify my content this year especially moving forward with this blog. I have decided to sprinkle in some reviews regarding shows and movies I watch especially because it has picked up due to the pandemic. I want to gush about this adorable eight episode kdrama called Color Rush. It’s a BL drama surrounding two boys trying to navigate their feelings for each other. The main character suffers from a type of color blindness where they see everything in shades of gray. Well, the love interest is able to provide him this rush of color whenever they are around each other.

The main reason why I decided to watch Color Rush was to support Hyunjun who was formerly with the group The Boyz. This was his first acting gig since leaving the group. The show does have a few problematic plot lines. The kidnapping that happens towards the end was not a surprise, but it was resolved rather quickly. The ending felt rushed, but I understand that they only had so much time to fit all the concepts into eight episodes. This is also one of the first BL and kdramas I have watched so I kept my expectations pretty low. The chemistry between the characters felt a bit odd in the earlier episodes, but it seemed to pick up more towards the end.

I do want to mention trigger warnings for suicide, attempted suicide, murder, and kidnapping. The main character’s mother has been missing for a few years so there’s this sense of dread for the main character. There’s also a theory in the world that monos (people who can only see shades of grey) are more likely to commit crimes if they lose the person who shows them the colors of the world. This is a huge plot line that runs throughout the series that fuels a lot of the actions. Overall, I do recommend this series if you want something that is super quick and easy to watch.

2 thoughts on “Kdrama Review : Color Rush”

  1. Yeah, I gave it a try too but… I don’t know it is so weird in terms of BL DRAMA. I barley feel anything between the two characters but the premise is so intriguing its the most compelling trait that’s worth checking out

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    1. Mhm I mostly only watched it for Hyunjun cause I miss my boy lol, but I honestly expected more from it? I guess the ending wrapped up too nicely for me.


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