Spotlight Tour : Haven by Mary Lindsey


I’m here to bring you a review on the book Haven by Mary Lindsey! I’m really excited to gush to you guys about this book. I sadly didn’t get a chance to read it before it was released. I am still excited to pick it up whenever I get a chance.

About This Book

Haven-1600pxTitle: Haven

Author: Mary Lindsey

Pub. Date: November 7, 2017

Publisher: Entangled Publishing

Pages: 400

Formats: Hardcover & Ebook

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“We all hold a beast inside. The only difference is what form it takes when freed.”

Rain Ryland has never belonged anywhere. He’s used to people judging him for his rough background, his intimidating size, and now, his orphan status. He’s always been on the outside, looking in, and he’s fine with that. Until he moves to New Wurzburg and meets Friederike Burkhart.

Freddie isn’t like normal teen girls, though. And someone wants her dead for it. Freddie warns he’d better stay far away if he wants to stay alive, but Rain’s never been good at running from trouble. For the first time, Rain has something worth fighting for, worth living for. Worth dying for.

About The Author


Mary Lindsey is a multi award-winning, RITA® nominated author of romance for adults and teens. She lives on an island in the middle of a river. Seriously, she does. When not writing, she wrangles her rowdy pack of three teens, two Cairn Terriers, and one husband.

Inexplicably, her favorite animal is the giant anteater and at one point, she had over 200 “pet” Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. The roaches are a long story involving three science-crazed kids and a soft spot for rescue animals. The good news is, the “pet” roaches found a home… somewhere else.

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November TBR

I am trying to knock off as many books as I can before December. I am going to be hosting a sort of end of the year readathon in December so I kind of just want to read, read, read so I can get well over my reading goal. I have 9 books left before I hit my goal of 50 books for the year.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story by Alexander Freed


As the shadows of the Empire loom ever larger across the galaxy, so do deeply troubling rumors. The Rebellion has learned of a sinister Imperial plot to bring entire worlds to their knees. Deep in Empire-dominated space, a machine of unimaginable destructive power is nearing completion. A weapon too terrifying to contemplate . . . and a threat that may be too great to overcome.
If the worlds at the Empire’s mercy stand any chance, it lies with an unlikely band of allies: Jyn Erso, a resourceful young woman seeking vengeance; Cassian Andor, a war-weary rebel commander; Bodhi Rook, a defector from the Empire’s military; Chirrut Imwe, a blind holy man and his crack-shot companion, Baze Malbus; and K-2SO, a deadly Imperial droid turned against its former masters. In their hands rests the new hope that could turn the tide toward a crucial Rebellion victory–if only they can capture the plans to the Empire’s new weapon.

But even as they race toward their dangerous goal, the specter of their ultimate enemy–a monstrous world unto itself–darkens the skies. Waiting to herald the Empire’s brutal reign with a burst of annihilation worthy of its dreaded name: Death Star.

23299512This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab

There’s no such thing as safe in a city at war, a city overrun with monsters. In this dark urban fantasy from author Victoria Schwaba young woman and a young man must choose whether to become heroes or villains—and friends or enemies—with the future of their home at stake. The first of two books.

Kate Harker and August Flynn are the heirs to a divided city—a city where the violence has begun to breed actual monsters. All Kate wants is to be as ruthless as her father, who lets the monsters roam free and makes the humans pay for his protection. All August wants is to be human, as good-hearted as his own father, to play a bigger role in protecting the innocent—but he’s one of the monsters. One who can steal a soul with a simple strain of music. When the chance arises to keep an eye on Kate, who’s just been kicked out of her sixth boarding school and returned home, August jumps at it. But Kate discovers August’s secret, and after a failed assassination attempt the pair must flee for their lives.

Origin by Dan Brown 

32283133Robert Langdon, Harvard professor of symbology and religious iconology, arrives at the ultramodern Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao to attend a major announcement—the unveiling of a discovery that “will change the face of science forever.” The evening’s host is Edmond Kirsch, a forty-year-old billionaire and futurist whose dazzling high-tech inventions and audacious predictions have made him a renowned global figure. Kirsch, who was one of Langdon’s first students at Harvard two decades earlier, is about to reveal an astonishing breakthrough . . . one that will answer two of the fundamental questions of human existence.

As the event begins, Langdon and several hundred guests find themselves captivated by an utterly original presentation, which Langdon realizes will be far more controversial than he ever imagined. But the meticulously orchestrated evening suddenly erupts into chaos, and Kirsch’s precious discovery teeters on the brink of being lost forever. Reeling and facing an imminent threat, Langdon is forced into a desperate bid to escape Bilbao. With him is Ambra Vidal, the elegant museum director who worked with Kirsch to stage the provocative event. Together they flee to Barcelona on a perilous quest to locate a cryptic password that will unlock Kirsch’s secret.

Navigating the dark corridors of hidden history and extreme religion, Langdon and Vidal must evade a tormented enemy whose all-knowing power seems to emanate from Spain’s Royal Palace itself . . . and who will stop at nothing to silence Edmond Kirsch. On a trail marked by modern art and enigmatic symbols, Langdon and Vidal uncover clues that ultimately bring them face-to-face with Kirsch’s shocking discovery . . . and the breathtaking truth that has long eluded us.


What are you guys reading for the month of November? I plan to post a wrap up for November so stay tuned to see if any of the books I picked were read or if I added more books to the mix.

Cover Reveal : Dear Rachel Maddow

Today Adrienne Kisner and Rockstar Book Tours are revealing the cover and an exclusive excerpt for DEAR RACHEL MADDOW, which releases June 5, 2018! Check out the gorgeous cover and enter to win an ARC!
The Reveal

Author: Adrienne Kisner
Pub. Date: June 5, 2018
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
Formats: Hardcover, eBook
Pages: 400
Find it: AmazonB&NTBDGoodreads

Sixteen-year-old Brynn Harper’s life has one steadying force—Rachel Maddow. She watches her daily, and after writing to Rachel for a school project—and actually getting a response—Brynn starts drafting emails to Rachel but never sending them. It’s an outlet; Brynn tells Rachel about breaking up with Sarah, her first serious girlfriend, about her beloved brother Nick’s death, her passive mother and even worse stepfather, about how she’s stuck in remedial courses at school and is considering dropping out. 

But then Brynn is confronted with a moral dilemma. She learns that one student representative will be allowed to have a voice among teachers and administrators in the selection of a new school superintendent. Sarah, along with Brynn’s arch-nemesis John, believe only honors students worthy of the selection committee seat. Brynn knows they are more interested in power and perks. Brynn feels all students deserve a voice. When she runs for the position the knives are out and her brother’s memory and her new crush Michaela are shamed. Brynn asks herself: What would Rachel Maddow do? 

Exclusive Excerpt!

Folder:  Sent



Date:  September 10

Subject:  School Assignment

Dear Rachel Maddow,

I am writing to you because of a school assignment.  It’s a totally lame reason to be writing, but I don’t think you’ll actually read it anyway.  This kind of thing is so sixth grade.  I am a junior in high school and I’ve been forced to write to a “celebrity hero” by the Applied Language Arts teacher.  (Hey Mr. Grimm!  How’s it hanging, buddy?)  I wasn’t going to do it, because my ex-girlfriend worships you and, hello, school assignment.  But I turned on your show and Mom totally freaked out to see me watching you.  Apparently your liberal and leftist views don’t sit well with her.  Mom spat out the words like she was talking about my dad, so I knew she meant it.  That made you my celebrity hero.

You were talking about some guys running for congress.  But then you said one of them was “freaking amazing.”  I don’t think news people are supposed to say things like that.  And isn’t that biased?  News people aren’t supposed to be biased.  I know this because Mr. Grimm made us watch this video about newswriting.  Though no one else knows this about me, Rachel Maddow, I have a near photographic memory for stuff people say.  Their words just stick in my brain.  So I remember what a reporter is supposed to do.  

Anyway, thanks for pissing off my Mom.


Brynn Harper

Folder:  Sent



Date:  September 11

Subject:  RE: School Assignment

Dear Rachel Maddow,

I am writing to you because of a school assignment.  It’s a totally lame reason to be writing, but I don’t think you actually read them anyway.  This kind of thing is so sixth grade.  [Brynn, this is good, honest writing.  Can you try to put a positive spin on it?]  I am a junior in high school and I’ve been forced [asked] to write to a “celebrity hero” by the Applied Language Arts teacher.  (Hey Mr. Grimm!  How’s it hanging, buddy?)  [I’m doing well, thanks.  But you can take this out.] I wasn’t going to do it, because my ex-girlfriend worships you and, hello, school assignment. And Mom totally freaked out to see me watching you.  Apparently your liberal and leftist views still don’t sit well with her.  Mom spat out the words like she was talking about my Dad, so I knew she meant it.  So that made you my celebrity hero.  [Again, great personal touch.  But maybe too intimate for this correspondence?]

You were talking about the people running for congress.  But then you said one of them was “freaking amazing.”  And I don’t think news people are supposed to say things like that.  And isn’t that biased?  News people aren’t supposed to be biased.  I know this because Mr. Grimm, my English teacher, made us watch this video about newswriting.  Though no one else knows this about me, Rachel Maddow, I have a photographic memory for stuff people say.  Their words just stick in my brain.  So I remember what a reporter is supposed to be. [You are right, Brynn!  I didn’t know that about you.  Shouldn’t you remember your assignments, then?]

Anyway, thanks for pissing off my Mom. [There is a list of questions I asked you to include.  Maybe you could end with that instead.]


Brynn Harper

 Folder:  Sent




Date:  September 12

Subject:  School Assignment Again

Dear Rachel Maddow,

I learned an important lesson about rough drafts.  If you really want to send someone a letter, you should just send it.  Do not turn it in to your English teacher first.  But Mr. Grimm (said English teacher) is the only person I know who doesn’t think I’m hopeless, so I am trying this again for his sake.  Though I’m sending it to you too, to avoid further editing.  

My name is Brynn Harper and I am sixteen years old.  I live with my mother and stepfather in Westing, Pennsylvania.  I have a brother, too.  Or, I had one, anyway.

I first watched your show a couple of times in high school because my best friend (well, okay, my girlfriend) loved you, so she kind of dragged me along with her.  She’s not my girlfriend anymore.  And she said she didn’t have time to watch television anymore either, even for you.  So she dumped us both.  That gives us something in common.

I had a list of questions that I was supposed to ask you, but I got most of the answers online already.  Mr. Grimm suggested I think of new ones.  So here you go:

  1. When you look at the papers on your desk and circle something, are you really reading from them?  Don’t you read from a teleprompter?  When you go to commercial, you shuffle those papers, too.  Seriously, is there anything even written on them?
  2. How much does a person have to know to be considered a “wonk?”
  3. At least one person laughs in the background while you are talking.  Is this on purpose?  Who is that?  
  4. Why don’t you run for political office?
  5. Is there ever a staff meeting when you think to yourself, “Huh, there really isn’t a lot going on in the news today.”
  6. How many pairs of shoes do you actually own?

About Adrienne: 


I have lived my entire “adult” life in a college dormitory working in both Residence Life and college chaplaincy.  I like the term “dormitory” better than “residence hall.”  I went to school for a long time so that now I get to swoop around in a fancy robe and silly hat (like at Hogwarts).  I have an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts (a place like Hogwarts).  I play both the viola and tennis with more heart than skill.  I love my current home in Boston but will always be a Pennsylvanian at heart.  

Website | Twitter| Facebook| Goodreads

Giveaway Details:

2 winners will receive an ARC of DEAR

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Halloween Creatures Book Tag

Light Salmon Square Leaves Pattern Girls Weekend Ideas Blog Title-6

My friend Anthony @ Keep Reading Forward created a halloween creatures book tag which is right up my alley. I was too excited to wait and post this tag. I need a filler post as I’m trying to poke my reading slump.

– Follow the Categories
– You Must Be Honest
– You Must Answer All Questions to the Best of Your Ability
– You Must Tag At Least 3 People
– Have Fun!
-Credit Would be Greatly Appreciated!

Witches : A book or character that is magical

Hmm the first book that pops into my head is A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’Engle. I read this book a few years ago (yes yes I read it as a young adult). I just remember being so wrapped up in the magic of it all.

Mummies : A book or character you can’t wrap your mind around

I am going to go wth House of Furies by Madeline Roux. I haven’t DNF’d it….(yet) so I can’t really say I hate it. I just found it kind of boring so it lost my interest really fast. The beginning bit is also a bit confusing.

Vampires : A book, series, or author you can’t live without

Rick Riordan for sure simply because I still read his books to this day. I read Percy Jackson in 7th grade. His books bring me a lot of comfort and nostalgia.

Werewolves : A book best read in the middle of the night

A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay because the book is already creepy, but if you read it at night…well you might have nightmares. I am speaking from experience here so just trust me.

Zombies : A book you picked up for the 2nd time/Continued after DNF’ing it

I haven’t DNF’d too many books in my time. I put down books all the time to come back to them later. Night Film by Marisha Pessel is one example of that.

Ghosts : A book you easily predicted a twist or ending 

I am gonna go with Princess X by Cherie Priest. I felt like the whole book was a bit predictable so I wasn’t all that surprised by the ending.

Frankenstein : A book that truly shocked you

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood because I wasn’t expecting to love it as much as I did. I kind of went into it with low expectations. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I was able to really connect with the book and the characters.

Skeletons : A book or character that chilled you to the bone

Marjorie Barrett from A Head Full of Ghosts. That is all I gotta say about this. She was so creepy.

Ghouls : A book that left you hungry 

Harry Potter because the food in that book always made me super hungry.

Goblins : A greedy character 

I am blanking on this one. I can’t really think of a “greedy” character. I am going to go with the dad from 10 Things I Can See From here because he always rubbed me the wrong way.

Devil : A dark, evil character

Ari from Dead House by Dawn Kurtagich. I am not going to say anything for spoiler reasons.

Grim Reaper : A character you loved/hated that died

I tend to avoid books dealing with death. I haven’t read too many that have had a character that I loved/hated that died. It’s usually a death at the beginning of the book that shapes the character throughout the book.

Scarecrow : A book or character the scares you

I am going to repeat my answer from earlier but Marjorie Barrett was spooky AF in A Head Full of Ghosts.

The Monster Mash : Tag 3 or more people to do this tag

Ellie @ coffeewithellieblog, TwinBookmarks, Princess @ Royal Reader, Mandy @ Book Princess Reviews, & Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm

Weekly Wrap Up (October 1st – 8th)

Light Salmon Square Leaves Pattern Girls Weekend Ideas Blog Title-5

I’m not sure if I’ll do this every month simply because it’s a lot of work. I’m here to share with you my progress for the spooky readathon I’m taking part in via Books & Tea server.

Books Read
  • A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay – I have a review of this up on my blog if you want to hear my full thoughts on it.
Books Started
  • House of Furies by Madeline Roux – I’m about 20 pages into this book at the moment. I plan to get through a decent chunk today.
Ritual Tasks I Have Completed
  • Read a book at night
  • Recommend a book
  • Spooky Book Review
  • Buddy read book (I have two others)
  • Read a book over 200 pages
My Plans For The Week
  • I plan to finish House of Furies this upcoming week. I have enjoyed what I have read so far so I’m ready to see what happens.
  • I might pick up Frankenstein next so I can read This Monstrous Thing since they kind of tie in together.

A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay Review


This book was a roller coaster of emotions. I don’t even know how to even explain this book. It was definitely strange. I had more questions than answers with this book which is kind of why I like it so much. You have this family that seem sort of normal for the most part until the older sister Marjorie goes off her rocker. Her dad believes she’s possessed and I personally believe she has schizophrenia though her family doesn’t want to believe that. Her dad loses his job which kind of sends the family into a downward spiral. The mom starts smoking more, the older sister loses her bananas, and the dad turns to religion. That leaves little ole Merry to piece together the pieces and survive the bizarre family dynamic.

This book had a ton of twists and turns that definitely keep you going. You think you have it figured it out and then you don’t. The ending was really what got me. I didn’t expect it to end that way. You find out some crucial details at the end that kind of leave you a bit puzzled. The way it ended was very “okay so what next?” because you want to know what happens next. Does Merry continue writing after the book gets published? Does the interviewer write down the secrets in the book? Will the book get published? We will never know which is kind of great.

Overall, this was a perfect halloween read. I really enjoyed it despite the many twists and turns. You definitely have to step back from the book every once in a while to make sure you are able to process what is going on. This is perfect for people who liked the movie The Exorcist but wanted a bit more.

“Ideas. I’m possessed by ideas. Ideas that are as old as humanity, maybe older, right? Maybe those ideas were out there just floating around before us, just waiting to be thought up. Maybe we don’t think them, we pluck them out from another dimension or another mind.”

Rating: 4/5 | Read: September 24 – 27

Additional Information

Goodreads Link

Pages: 286

Genre: Horror


The lives of the Barretts, a normal suburban New England family, are torn apart when fourteen-year-old Marjorie begins to display signs of acute schizophrenia.

To her parents’ despair, the doctors are unable to stop Marjorie’s descent into madness. As their stable home devolves into a house of horrors, they reluctantly turn to a local Catholic priest for help. Father Wanderly suggests an exorcism; he believes the vulnerable teenager is the victim of demonic possession. He also contacts a production company that is eager to document the Barretts’ plight. With John, Marjorie’s father, out of work for more than a year and the medical bills looming, the family agrees to be filmed, and soon find themselves the unwitting stars of The Possession, a hit reality television show. When events in the Barrett household explode in tragedy, the show and the shocking incidents it captures become the stuff of urban legend.

Fifteen years later, a bestselling writer interviews Marjorie’s younger sister, Merry. As she recalls those long ago events that took place when she was just eight years old, long-buried secrets and painful memories that clash with what was broadcast on television begin to surface–and a mind-bending tale of psychological horror is unleashed, raising vexing questions about memory and reality, science and religion, and the very nature of evil.


Taproot by Keezy Young Review



I’m here to talk to you guys about a really adorable yet fluffy graphic novel. I feel like this  book needs more attention. Taproot is about a gardener and a ghost. Spoiler Alert: The gardener is actually a necromancer which is why he is able to see ghosts. The ghost on the other hand was just a normal person that got in a sticky situation. He slowly over time fell in love with the gardener. The problem is the fact that he is a ghost and the gardener is human. This graphic novel had some of the cutest art I have seen in a while. The colors are muted yet compliment each other so well.

My main complaint about this graphic novel which is why it got bumped down a star is the obvious plot hole towards the middle/end of the novel. It moved far too quickly. The next time we know it’s over so we are literally sitting there like what just happened. The little extra few pages at the end helped me forgive the author for the weird plot hole. The LGBT rep in this graphic novel seems harmless which is why I enjoyed it so much. They truly do love each other. It was so nice to see them so happy at the end.

Overall, if you want a cute graphic novel then I definitely recommend this. I wouldn’t say it’s the greatest graphic novel in the world, but it’s rather sweet. The art is gorgeous to look at. The characters are cute.

Rating: 4/5 Stars | Read: September 25th

Additional Information

Goodreads Link

Pages: 127 pages

Genre: Graphic Novels + LGBT


Blue is having a hard time moving on. He’s in love with his best friend. He’s also dead. Luckily, Hamal can see ghosts, leaving Blue free to haunt him to his heart’s content. But something eerie is happening in town, leaving the local afterlife unsettled, and when Blue realizes Hamal’s strange ability may be putting him in danger, Blue has to find a way to protect him, even if it means… leaving him.