TBC Spring Readathon 2021

Hello! I am so excited to announce that I am hosting a readathon with my book server in the month of April. It’ll be from April 16th to the 18th starting at midnight in your time zone. I honestly love hosting readathons because it allows me to interact with more people outside of my usual bubble. This readathon is not specifically server only. Anyone can join us by tagging us on Instagram and Twitter. I will be following and sharing the tbrs that people post! You can use the hashtag tbcspringreadathon21 on instagram and twitter as well! I am sure you guys are excited to see what the prompts are for this round.

The prompts are pretty straight forward! You can mix and match them however you see fit. You could even find a book that covers all three. The read three books and the bonus prompts are optional! Jade City is the readalong book for my server so if you want to join in you can!

I really hope that you guys are able to join us! Please feel free to reach out to me if you want more information about my book server and where to follow us on social media. I also wanted to thank everyone who has been following me for the past four years. I just hit 4 years on my blog and that is beyond anything I could have ever hoped for with this blog. I am so thankful that I still have a place in this community! Thank you so much!

Gudetama: Mindfulness for the Lazy

I know I said that I wouldn’t be doing book reviews as often on my blog, but this book was such a cute book that packed such a powerful message. Some of you may know that I’m a huge Sanrio fan. I have always been one since I was a wee tot. Gudetama was such a cute addition to the team because he is literally just an eeg. The character became quickly loved within the community. I think tackling such a hard topic like being mindful during a time like this is very important. The comic does a wonderful job of bridging the gap between reader and content.

This copy was provided through Netgalley for an honest review.

This graphic novel touches the topics of how to understand your feelings, being mindful towards others, and creating a space that is healthy for you. We follow Gudetama along as he meets people going through feeling unmotivated at work, being kind towards others, and making sure they are taking the time for self care. I think that this would be the perfect graphic novel for a younger audience. I think that lessons provided in the novel would be good for younger kids to learn.

The lessons in this book were not necessarily deep, but I believe they get the message across especially to a younger audience. This would have been the perfect book for me when I was in middle school or even high school. The conversation about burn out really resonated with me because that is something I often experience in my day to day life. The graphic novel shapes these feelings and concepts into ways that feel lighthearted and fun. It is the perfect approach into a topic that is often reserved for non-fiction novels or school.

You can pick up your own copy on April 6th which it releases to the public. I honestly hope you guys end up checking out this graphic novel. It’s just a cute little piece that made me smile.

Gudetama : Mindfulness for the Lazy by Wook-Jin Clark | 4/5 Stars | April 6th 2021

Bookish Challenge: Reading 30 Minutes

I have been away from the blogging and book community for a hot minute. Life took me by a whirlwind and left me a little rough for wear. The book server I run as honestly kept a bit grounded. I noticed that I’m not making the time to read anymore even though it is something I enjoyed. Emma over at emmmabooks made a recent video where she read everyday before 8 am. This video is what sparked this idea to read 30 minutes everyday in October.

I wanted to sort of give you some background on the idea before I dove into the topic. It is the 9th of October as I am writing this and so far I have read maybe 2-3 days out of the month. I am not upset at myself because hey I’m still making that effort. I plan to check in at the end of the month to let you know how I did! Feel free to join in and keep tally of how many days you read for the month. I think it’s a good way to set aside time to read even if you feel like your schedule doesn’t allow for it.

Will you take part or have you done something similar in the past?

October TBR

Hello! I know that I keep falling off the radar due to college so I appreciate the people who are still around. I want to normalize reading a little bit everyday like I used to do when I was younger. I feel like I’ll get through books faster if I just read a little bit each day. I bet you are dying (no pun intended) to know what I plan to tackle in the month of October. I am keeping my TBR a bit short due to one of the books being over a thousand pages.

  • It by Stephen King – This is one of three of the readalong books for my book server over at The Book Cryptids
  • Others Words for Smoke by Sarah Maria Griffin – I need to finish this book! I started it back in June and was in love with the writing. I think it’s perfect for October.

What are you guys reading for October? I am going to try and blog more regularly, but you can usually find me on my socials or on the server,

The Reading Rush TBR

Okay, you may remember that I loved the Booktubeathon! It was the first ever readathon for me and the first time I read more than 2 books in a week. Well they got a rebrand into The Reading Rush. I am beyond stoked for this new change because it comes with a website where you can track how many pages you have read, chat in the forums, and earn badges. I finally figured out what I am going to read so here is my tentative TBR for the Reading Rush.

  1. Read a book with purple on the cover Aurora Rising by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff
  2. Read a book in the same spot the entire timeVersailles of the Dead Vol 1 by Kumiko Suekane
  3. Read a book you meant to read last yearAll the Crooked Saints by Maggie Stiefvater
  4. Read an author’s first book City of Bones by Cassandra Clare (re-read)
  5. Read a book with a non-human main character – Same as above
  6. Read a book with five or more words in the titleThe Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson
  7. Read and watch a book to movie adaptationTo All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

What are you guys planning to read for the readathon? Are you taking part?

yearly reading goals

I mentioned in my 2019 resolutions post that I wanted to read more in the year of 2019 which is true. I only read 18 (soon to be 19) things in the year of 2018. Majority of those things were graphic novels or short stories. I didn’t really read much in terms of full length novels. I decided to put together a small list of goals I would like to achieve throughout the year of 2019.

  • Read 20 books – I made it so close in 2017 reading 48/50 books but only reading 18 books in 2018. I needed to find a middle ground which for me is 20 books. I would be happy just reaching that though I do plan to read more than just 20.
  • Read Diversely – I don’t just mean read books by authors of color (though that’s a part of it). I need to read outside of genres that I am comfortable with which tends to be Fantasy. You can give me a fantasy book and I’m happy. I need to branch out of authors, genres, and formats.
  • Two Series – Okay, I hoard book series because I know that I’ll want to binge them the moment I start it. The problem is…I have several finished series on my bookshelves that I haven’t read. My goal is to at least finish two of those series so I can justify having those books on my shelf.
  • Buddy Reads – I realized recently that I really enjoy buddy reading books with other people. It motivates me to continue on with the book. I have been in a reading slump all year until my friend urged me to read Sabriel with her. It was the best decision ever because it’s been so much fun. I would like to at least do two buddy reads in 2019.
  • Book Server – I finally decided to make my own book server which has been a bit of a trial and error. I would really appreciate it if you guys would join if you are interested! The link is here!

What are your reading goals for 2019? Do you want to join me in a buddy read?

2019 Resolutions

It’s my favorite time of year once again where I look back on my resolutions for 2018 and figure out what they should be for 2019. I will admit that 2018 was a rough year due to transferring schools, moving, falling in and out of love with blogging, and just so many things. The problem is I never made a formal post this year about my resolutions which is insane to me. I wanted to focus more on a lot of things this year which honestly didn’t always work out. I wanted to be more active in the blogging community, I wanted to read more, I wanted to start producing videos, and you know that’s okay. I am going to stop rambling and go more into my resolutions for the new year. 

  • Read – This goal is simple enough that I should be able to manage it. I have neglected the idea of reading over the past year in favor of other things. Books have always been my escape when things got tough in my life. I need to bring that back so my overall goal is to read more in general whether it’s 10 pages a day to a book a week. 
  • Active – I don’t mean just in the blogging community but my social media and real life as well. I have been sort of neglecting a lot of things over the past year. I need to push myself to be more active in all aspects of my life.
  • Social – I am not an overly social person, but that is something that I have been working on especially the past few months. I want to expend my social group.

Do you guys have any resolutions for the new year? Feel free to leave them down below!

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life update: where I’ve been and the future

I am sure you are wondering where I have been the past few months. I transferred to a new university which took a bit of getting used to due to living on campus and different class set ups. I have been wanting to come back to the book blogging community for a while now. You are all so lovely and make me feel at home. I guess that brings me to the future portion of this blog post.  My goal is to not write a novel so I need to stop rambling.

  • I plan to start off slow with about two posts a week starting next Tuesday. I will be on winter break by Thursday so I should be reading more along with more time to write blog posts.
  • I currently have a small server to sort of spill my thoughts about things so if you are interested the link is here.
  • My goodreads currently reading as been cleared to give myself a fresh start for the rest of 2018 and going into 2019.

I hope that you are all are ready for the journey with me. It’s going to take a bit to find the right rhythm and adjust to being back! Tell me about things that have been going on in your life or some of your current reads!

A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay Review


This book was a roller coaster of emotions. I don’t even know how to even explain this book. It was definitely strange. I had more questions than answers with this book which is kind of why I like it so much. You have this family that seem sort of normal for the most part until the older sister Marjorie goes off her rocker. Her dad believes she’s possessed and I personally believe she has schizophrenia though her family doesn’t want to believe that. Her dad loses his job which kind of sends the family into a downward spiral. The mom starts smoking more, the older sister loses her bananas, and the dad turns to religion. That leaves little ole Merry to piece together the pieces and survive the bizarre family dynamic.

This book had a ton of twists and turns that definitely keep you going. You think you have it figured it out and then you don’t. The ending was really what got me. I didn’t expect it to end that way. You find out some crucial details at the end that kind of leave you a bit puzzled. The way it ended was very “okay so what next?” because you want to know what happens next. Does Merry continue writing after the book gets published? Does the interviewer write down the secrets in the book? Will the book get published? We will never know which is kind of great.

Overall, this was a perfect halloween read. I really enjoyed it despite the many twists and turns. You definitely have to step back from the book every once in a while to make sure you are able to process what is going on. This is perfect for people who liked the movie The Exorcist but wanted a bit more.

“Ideas. I’m possessed by ideas. Ideas that are as old as humanity, maybe older, right? Maybe those ideas were out there just floating around before us, just waiting to be thought up. Maybe we don’t think them, we pluck them out from another dimension or another mind.”

Rating: 4/5 | Read: September 24 – 27

Additional Information

Goodreads Link

Pages: 286

Genre: Horror


The lives of the Barretts, a normal suburban New England family, are torn apart when fourteen-year-old Marjorie begins to display signs of acute schizophrenia.

To her parents’ despair, the doctors are unable to stop Marjorie’s descent into madness. As their stable home devolves into a house of horrors, they reluctantly turn to a local Catholic priest for help. Father Wanderly suggests an exorcism; he believes the vulnerable teenager is the victim of demonic possession. He also contacts a production company that is eager to document the Barretts’ plight. With John, Marjorie’s father, out of work for more than a year and the medical bills looming, the family agrees to be filmed, and soon find themselves the unwitting stars of The Possession, a hit reality television show. When events in the Barrett household explode in tragedy, the show and the shocking incidents it captures become the stuff of urban legend.

Fifteen years later, a bestselling writer interviews Marjorie’s younger sister, Merry. As she recalls those long ago events that took place when she was just eight years old, long-buried secrets and painful memories that clash with what was broadcast on television begin to surface–and a mind-bending tale of psychological horror is unleashed, raising vexing questions about memory and reality, science and religion, and the very nature of evil.


My *Possible* Fall TBR List

The basics of.png

I say possible because my tbr is always changing because I acquire new books. These are the books that I am most excited about reading. I want to know what you guys are reading for the fall season.

13638125I’m currently reading a lovely book called Vicious by V.E. Schwab which was a gift from one of my good friends. This book really sets the mood for fall books for me. I have no idea why. It’s quite dramatic in the best ways. I’m enjoying the multiple POVs through different parts of time versus different characters. It basically deals with villains which is honestly all I need in life. I also found out that there will be a second book. That has me more hyped to finish it because I want to know how it ends. I definitely recommend this book if you haven’t read it already.


The next book I am going to talk about is This Monstrous Thing by Mackenzi Lee. The author might sound familiar because she wrote The Gentlemen’s Guide to Vice and Virtue. I was browsing Barnes & Noble when I spotted this book. The synopsis alone has me hooked on it. It’s a very creative spin of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. It’s very steampunk-y which is enough for me to want to buy it. I’m a sucker for anything steampunk related. This will my first book by this author which I’m excited about. I am definitely holding back on this book because it seems like a perfect halloween/october read in my opinion.

29736099This is another one of those halloween/october reads because like have you seen the cover? I have been a fan of Madeleine Roux’s work for a while. I really enjoyed the Asylum series because the pictures with the story line kind of spooked me. I have never been a fan of asylums so that is partially why I really enjoyed that series. I believe her new series focuses on a boarding house that kills bad people. I’m not entirely sure what the synopsis is because I try to avoid them? I want to be surprised when I read books. I just know that this is one of those books that will keep me up at night. I would definitely check out her books if you haven’t already.

Those are the top three books that I want to try and read for the fall season. What books are you planning on reading? Have you read any of these?