Gudetama: Mindfulness for the Lazy

I know I said that I wouldn’t be doing book reviews as often on my blog, but this book was such a cute book that packed such a powerful message. Some of you may know that I’m a huge Sanrio fan. I have always been one since I was a wee tot. Gudetama was such a cute addition to the team because he is literally just an eeg. The character became quickly loved within the community. I think tackling such a hard topic like being mindful during a time like this is very important. The comic does a wonderful job of bridging the gap between reader and content.

This copy was provided through Netgalley for an honest review.

This graphic novel touches the topics of how to understand your feelings, being mindful towards others, and creating a space that is healthy for you. We follow Gudetama along as he meets people going through feeling unmotivated at work, being kind towards others, and making sure they are taking the time for self care. I think that this would be the perfect graphic novel for a younger audience. I think that lessons provided in the novel would be good for younger kids to learn.

The lessons in this book were not necessarily deep, but I believe they get the message across especially to a younger audience. This would have been the perfect book for me when I was in middle school or even high school. The conversation about burn out really resonated with me because that is something I often experience in my day to day life. The graphic novel shapes these feelings and concepts into ways that feel lighthearted and fun. It is the perfect approach into a topic that is often reserved for non-fiction novels or school.

You can pick up your own copy on April 6th which it releases to the public. I honestly hope you guys end up checking out this graphic novel. It’s just a cute little piece that made me smile.

Gudetama : Mindfulness for the Lazy by Wook-Jin Clark | 4/5 Stars | April 6th 2021